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Special Guest

TheSaxShow recipe with a touch of femininity more.

Formation and repertory are the same as in Authentic but they are enriched and made more precious owing to the presence of the soprano Annalisa MARRA who is an original interpreter of the evergreen: her clear and sublime voice is the “alter ego” of TheSaxShow: actually it alternates and perfectly melts in the performance of sax giving rise to melodious interweaving and suggestive arrangements: that is a touch of femininity in TheSaxShow. You can hear this kind of sound listening to the piece “Estate” in the AUDIO repertory


Renato Bova

Renato Bova<h5>saxophonist</h5>
He listened to music even during his conception as his mother was a harp teacher at the famous Musical Conservatory in Naples San Pietro a Majella and she played for him.... he has a restless mind, he is sensible, creative, versatile, he has been learning to play a piano when he was a child and his mother was his teacher. When he was 18, he began studying harmonic and instrumental technique as sax tenor and when he was 28 he added sax soprano and after transverse flute.
Renato Bova su Facebook

M. Villani

M. Villani<h5>pianist</h5>
Born in Rome, he began studying piano when he was 6 years old. While studying piano, he fell in love with jazz. He got a diploma at the Conservatory A. Casella in L'Aquila.
He is a ductile and eclectic pianist . He likes ranging from classic music to funky and jazz . His favorite artists are Duke Ellington , Chick Corea , Astor Piazzolla and Johann Sebastian Bach of course!
Massimo Villani on facebook

F. Fiori

double-bass player
F. Fiori<h5>double-bass player</h5>
Songwriter and singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, he plays electric acoustic and classical guitar, electric bass and contrabass, keyboards and piano, drums and cello.
In 1992 he graduated in the Conservatory “Santa Cecilia” in Rome. He writes music for many italian artists. He composes ironic and original pieces in kinds of music that range from melodic rock to pop-dance, always keeping an eye on italian characteristic style.
Fabrizio Fiori on Facebook

G. De Carli

G. De Carli<h5>drummer</h5>
He was born in Sicily in 1982. At present he lives in Rome where he has studied music in “Saint Louis Music College", deepening the study of drums. He is committed in a strong live activity with projects that range from blues to world music, and in the same time he is a drums teacher in several schools in Rome . He is a polyhedral, accurate, polished and creative artist.
Gaetano De Carli on facebook

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