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Renato Bova


He listened to music even during his conception as his mother was a harp teacher at the famous Musical Conservatory in Naples San Pietro a Majella and she played for him.... he has a restless mind, he is sensible, creative, versatile, he has been learning to play a piano when he was a child and his mother was his teacher. When he was 18, he began studying harmonic and instrumental technique as sax tenor and when he was 28 he added sax soprano and after transverse flute. He takes part in a lot of artistic plans. Even inside his family he plays in a duet with his sister: an harpist : Most of all he carries out a concert activity always trying to have an emotional confirmation from his audience, as well an unappeasable pursuit of true, strong, shared emotions. He does not devote himself just to a kind of music, but he is always in search of an authentic deep, ripe and expressive sound. He is living in Rome where he directs a musical workshop and takes part to many artistic projects concerning animation and entertainment. Every Sunday, in the morning, during the holy Mass, he plays the organ in the church “ Santa Maria del Rosario di Pompei", in 4, Madonna di Pompei Sq. in Rome