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It’s a Musical Show for the Lovers of Saxophone.

It consists of a various repertory of evergreen played by the saxophonist Renato Bova with the accompaniment the acoustic trio of piano , double-bass and drums. An intense , expressive and polished sound that will excite your event. The ensemble will reach your location in any part of the world. According to your demand , the performance is available in three versions:

The Notes Of The Heart

It is a collection of unforgettable pieces rich of a very emotional impact . Famous pieces originated in many countries of the world throughout many years , suggestive sound tracks of famous films , classical and standard jazz pieces , melodies that at all times have shared our most intense moments... The Notes Of The Heart!
You can ask in advance also pieces which are not part of the repertory: help us to increase listing your favorite pieces


"Music is life"

He listened to music even during his conception as his mother was a harp teacher at the famous Musical Conservatory in Naples San Pietro a Majella and she played for him ... He has a restless mind , he is sensible , creative , versatile , he has been learning to play a piano when he was a child and his mother was his teacher..


The evergreen
meet the saxophone
an exclusive collection
soundtrack of your life

Let us know: date, location, kind of your event and we shall propose you any kind of artistic solution, we can rent the needful musical instruments by local agency.

Ask for information